One of the most important things that I have learned over the years is that, everyone loves a winner and very few people are by your side when you are at your lowest in life or your career. In corporate world it is more than evident. When someone is doing well, all the attention is given to the person- the rewards, the perks, the visibility. When the same person, for any reason, is down in performance, the attitude towards that person changes sometimes gradually and sometimes drastically.

What I have seen is that organizations that are mature, do help the person when they are down. For all you know the ebb may be temporary. And what is amazing, but not surprising, is that employees who have gone through this phase become much more loyal to the organization. It leads to the same life-long concept that if someone helps you in your bad days, you never forget it.

Even if the concept is simple and is now gaining ground as “tolerance of failure”, how many organizations actually practice it? It is a simple tenet for engagement which can be quite productive for organizations in the form of strengthened loyalty, commitment and accountability. What it takes is a just a “heart” and a “caring attitude”.


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