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It seems so uninspired. Every time someone says the phrase, the thought that enters my mind is  “not again”. With all that’s going on around us in the world, with constant unpredictability, this phrase has really takes a whole new meaning for me. No body knows what will happen tomorrow, so why should we not make the most out of today? It doesn’t mean that we don’t plan for future, it just means that let’s not have the present slip away. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary, some little things here and there. This is what I am doing to “live the moment”:

1) Call or text my friends and family even if only for 5 minutes

2) Appreciate those who have helped me

3) Help those who reach out to me and also those, who don’t

4) Write down my experiences and feelings

5) Be as much as possible with nature

6) Watch my favourite movies and TV series

7) Re-read my collection of mysteries by Agatha Christie

8) De-cluttering my surroundings

9) Try to cook for myself, few days a week

10) Look at the good things that I have and be grateful for that

11) Go to a new part of Singapore that I have not discovered before

12) Walk around and admire the little things, e.g. a little colourful bird or an unexpected energy drinks machine in the middle of a residential area!

These are little things, but do make life much more interesting and meaningful.

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