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Spending time on your own can be daunting. There’s nothing to stop you from introspection. During one of those times, I was pondering about life in general and what makes us happy. I can only speak for myself with confidence, so I would like to make the following statements, albeit with a pinch of salt:

  • Life is all about balance. If my career is going great guns, but there are problems at home with family, or health is down, I will not be in seventh heaven.
  • Sometimes we over-complicate matters by thinking about the worst-case scenario. It does work in professional life to think about it, but over-thinking can really kill the nice things in the present life. Same for a negative attitude.
  • Even if we live away from our family, emotional ties are there. The day-to-day life can impact our long term happiness.
  • It’s not only material things which are important. Though they are important in the beginning, after some time, they lose their meaning. The bottom line is the quality of our relationships.
  • The little moments in life are important. It is important to find time for the things that give us pleasure.
  • A genuine interest in the causes that we care for is important- not because of peer or societal pressure.
  • Defining priorities is essential. With so many things demanding our attention, it is necessary to prioritize and stick to it.
  • Self-love is not selfish. It’s critical to take care of ourselves before we look after others.
  • Helping others does not deplete our resources. It actually makes them more valuable. Of course, helping oneself comes first.
  • Finding your purpose in life does help to be focused and happy.
  • Being humble and grateful for the life that we live, goes a long way in making us grounded.

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