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After watching rugby from the sidelines for many years now, I finally took the plunge and joined the “Touch Rugby” team that participated in a tournament for charity, which was organized by my bank.

The few things that struck me, while learning the ropes were:

1) The team is more important than individuals. It’s important to have individual stars but if the team doesn’t synchronize the moves, it is not possible to win.

2) Communication is the most important part of the game. If the team members don’t communicate with each other during the game, things won’t work.

3) The role of the captain is very important in the identification of strengths and weakness of each player by the captain and use the strengths to the advantage of the team. Sometimes, it is important to curb the need to be on the field and give opportunities to those players, who can lead us to win.

4) Enjoyment of the game is more important than the actual win.

5) Perception is not always reality. Appearances can really be deceptive. One doesn’t have to be “big and mighty” to win.

6) In the end, persistence and tenacity win.

7) Techniques are important. If the foundations are not strong, it is more likely to make mistakes under pressure.

All of the above are so important in all walks of life too. The training and participation did make me more aware of myself as a corporate dweller and the way I work with others.

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