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I came across an article which touched upon the topic of finding purpose in your life. At first, I dismissed as just another one which preaches but is not practical. After that, every few days, the concept kept coming back to me and refused to let me move on. So, I started thinking about it and after a few months of sporadic thinking, it dawned on me that this is the most important part of my life. Once I discovered my purpose (which turned out to be “helping people in whichever way I can”), I realised that my worries about my career progression, my future and my life- all faded away. I understood that if what I am doing in personal and professional life is aligned with the purpose of my life, I get great satisfaction from that and that other factors are just peripheral.

It was a liberating feeling, as I felt that I am no longer worried about my future. I still have to see if this state of mind will remain for a long time, but as of now, I feel that I am much calmer than before. I focus on my present and taking small steps towards achieving my life purpose.

It does make me think that the source of human misery is because of the fact that most of the time, we have not discovered our life purpose. That’s the reason why we are confused and spend time in the pursuit of happiness, externally, when all this time, the key is in our hands.

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