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When one is part of the corporate world, there are numerous opportunities to attend seminars and sessions on a wide variety of topics. While some sessions are like “old wine in a new bottle” and some others are invigorating and thought-provoking, the most memorable for me are the ones, which are delivered with unbridled passion and in the most simple terms. Some of the messages that have remained with me over a number of years have been delivered by these passionate speakers. My favourites are:

1) Believe, even when the world around you does not have faith in your ideas or in you. The seemingly difficult task of believing yourself in the midst of nay-sayers can be daunting but truly rewarding, in the long run.

2) Perseverance– It always works and is interlinked with “Believe”. We persevere when we really believe that what we are doing makes sense. It can be frustrating, but in the long run, is rewarding. It is true in the corporate world too, where some decisions can take ages for a variety of reasons, and some people lose hope and faith and quit. The key is to understand the reason and work with it, and if need be, change your course to make it happen.

3) No act is too small– Nothing new here, but how many of us belief in it? Many of us want to do grand things, impact a large part of society or do things on a large scale. In today’s scale is considered a measure of success. What I learned was that even a single life transformed or influenced is a great achievement. Quality is definitely more important than quantity.

4) Kindness– Kindness does not mean a person cannot take a tough decision. It is the ability to understand another person’s viewpoint without judging and accepting them as they are. In our life, we can be successful from other’s point of view, but if we don’t have kindness in our heart, is there any point in being human?

5) Courage– To have the courage to be what you are and what you believe in, is the most liberating feeling. At work, in society and in life, courage is what keeps the things going in the right direction.

6) Follow your heart– This is the mantra that is quite powerful. We may do things under pressure from societal norms or peer pressure, but does that make us happy? If we follow our heart, it’s not only stress-free but the happiness seeps into every aspect of our life and makes it beautiful.

These are some of the messages that I incorporate in my daily life and I must admit that it was not easy in the beginning, but it is not difficult either!

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